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  Saturday – Keely

Clapham Village hall

  Monday – Miss Holly

The Old School, Oakley

  Monday – Olivia

Oakley Village Hall

8.45 AM Pre-Primary Ballet 4.00pm Grade 2 Modern 4.00pm Pre-Primary ballet
9:15 AM Mini Movers 4.30pm Grade 1 Tap 4.30pm Primary Ballet
09:45AM Primary Ballet 5.00pm Grade 1 Ballet 5.00pm St 5 Ballet inc pointe/prep
10:15AM Grade 1 Ballet 5.40pm Grade 4 Modern 5.40pm Advanced Jazz
10:50AM Grade 2 Ballet 6.20pm Grade 4 Tap 6:20pm Intermediate Ballet
11:25PM Grade 2 Tap 7.00pm Grade 5 Ballet 7:10pm Change Hall TBC
12:00PM Grade 3 Modern 7:45pm Grade 5 Modern 7:20pm Private lesson – I, S, G
12:35 PM Grade 3 Ballet 8:30pm End 8:00pm Private lesson available
1:10pm  Grade 4 Ballet        
1:55pm Grade 4 Modern        
2:35pm Grade 3 Tap        
3:15pm Inter F Ballet        
  Tuesday – Kieran/Holly

Oakley Village Hall

  Tuesday -Keely

Clapham Village Hall

  Wednesdays- Keely

Clapham village hall

3:55pm Mini Musical Theatre 4:00pm Grade 2/3 Ballet 4:20pm Inter f ballet
4:30pm Acro Inter (3) 4:35pm Grade 4 Modern 5:15pm Pbt
5:10pm Senior Musical Theatre 5:10pm Grade 4 Ballet  5:45pm Inter ballet
5:50pm Acro Senior (4) 5:45pm Inter Tap 7:15pm Inter Modern                          
6:30pm Junior Musical Theatre 6:25pm Adv 1 Modern 8.15pm  
7:10pm End 7:05pm Grade 6 Modern    
    7:50pm Standard 5 Ballet    
  Thursday – Keely/ Holly

The Old school, Oakley

Small Room – Keely Oakely Village Hall   Thursday – Olivia

Oakley Village Hall

4.00pm Contemporary 1 (junior)  Acro 1 4.00pm Grade 2 Ballet
4:30pm Contemporary 2 (senior) Private Lesson – IG & MC 4:30pm Junior Jazz  
5:15pm Private Lesson –BR & IH 5:05 pm Grade 3 Ballet
5:45pm Acro Junior (2)   5:45pm Foundation Jazz
6:25pm Grade 5 Ballet   6:25pm Grade 4 Ballet
7:05pm Pointe   7:05pm Pointe Prep
7:20pm Grade 6 Tap   7:20pm Inter Jazz
8:00pm Private Lesson –   8:00pm Private Lesson OG
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